Working With Couples – A Practical Grounding

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Date(s) - 12/02/2018 - 13/02/2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sorrento in the Park


Lots of practitioners feel understandable anxiety about inviting the raw emotion of a distressed couple into their therapy room. A primary aim of the workshop will be to increase your confidence in working with couples.

Nic will help you apply your existing skills in a couple therapy context. If you aren’t already aware, you will see how having the couple in the room gives you more information and a stronger position to work from therapeutically with both individuals. This workshop is focused on the practicalities of using this fact to demystify couple therapy.  It does not teach a specific model of therapy but looks at common issues that arise when couples present. Such as;

  • screening your clients well to prevent surprises in the therapy
  • how to prevent and de-escalate unproductive conflict,
  • the important difference between closeness and intimacy,
  • assessing self-awareness and responsibility,
  • how to empathically confront where clients lack self-awareness
  • the dangers of inviting dependence on partner validation,
  • what to do if there are sexual issues,
  • working across cultures and power differences,
  • why feelings are not the most important thing that are going on in a relationship and more.

This workshop is intended for all practitioners regardless of how much or little training you have had in working with couples. Perhaps you are quite experienced in working with couples but are always looking for a fresh perspective. Maybe you have had some training in a couple’s therapy model, but are lacking confidence in actually working with them. You might have no training in relationship work and just see individuals but would like some insight into the dynamics of couple relationships because many of your clients are struggling in their relationships.   Wherever you are coming from about working with couples this workshop will be of value to your practice.



Bookings are closed for this event.

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  1. Anisha Beamish. Dip of Counselling.

    I have just paid online via paypal a booking for your course on Relationship Therapy on January 12-13th? Please confirm and forward a receipt to my email address please. Thankyou. Looking forward to the course.


    from Anisha Beamish (Mrs)

    1. Post
      Nic Beets

      Hi Anisha
      Thanks for your message. You should have received a confirmation and receipt within a day of enrolling. Also please note the course is 12-13 February, not next week!

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